DAmage Incorporated is recruiting!

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Damage Incorporated a.k.a DI is a multi gaming community

Battlefield 4 is one of the games we have set foot on and have a group of players playing the game.

However, we need more players to expand, basically more players = more the fun, dont you agree?

Not only you get to play your favourite game in DI, you'll also get to know

great players all around the globe ( Yes DI has members through out the

globe, you can classify us as a international clan).

Lots of fun will be prepared for you in DI aside from the main game you're playing. Minigames such as poker, and many more.

So what are you waiting?! Check out our forums and start applying now!

http://www.dmg-inc.com/di/ just 3 steps to get you in!

1)Click and check out the link

2)Create an account and post a intro of yourself

3)Fill in the application form!

Start joining us and enjoy the fun you can get! :)



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