Bonus Battlepacks not exclusive?

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I have questions on the Bonus Battlepacks. (You get 3 bonus Gold Battlepacks if you order the Digital Deluxe Edition from Origin. You get 1 bonus Gold Battlepacks if you order from Amazon)

1. Are those Bonus Battlepacks unlocking same items for everyone?

2. My understanding after I read from the internet is that, these battlepacks are not exclusive. That means for people who don't get the bonus battlepacks, they are still be able to unlock those items later in the game career. Is that true?

3. If (2) is true, what will the people who do get the Bonus Battlepacks get instead, at the game career that the people don't get the Bonus Battlepacks unlocking those items?


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You'll probably get nothing. I bought the digital deluxe edition and the way i see it is the gold battlepacks are nothing more than shortcuts.