BF4 on WiiU????

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Well, the site is showing Battlefield 4 is coming to Wii U. Is this the case or an error with the new site? It would be SO awesome if this was the case. I googled and don't see anything listed.

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Not sure about that, but the whole site redesign and discard of all my previous info and tracked games is an error. Probably not much help to your question though, how the bleep are you planning on playing a shooter on Wee? With a tennis racquet? Just kidding.

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Well, I have 360 and I downloaded the beta last night. Going to test it out this evening. I would probably get it on Wii U though as the graphics are going to be better than other current gen's and I'm guessing the gamepad would be awesome to play on. I also have the pro controller so I could have the regular old controller experience too.

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pretty sure its an error ign doesn't have it listed for wiiU and also EA hates nintendo

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