BF4 on the PS3- CONSTANT Freezing

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So I had bought this game new, right out of the manufacturer. The disc doesn't have a single blemish on it. Yet, out of the 20 games I had tried successfully to play, only 4 of them I was able to play from star to finish (online multiplayer)) without ANY freezing. DICE had better patch this because a brand new game shouldn't have to be so bugged that it freezes on you every other time. It could just be my console and no one else's, though I've read some other people are having the same issues on PS3

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Yeah, the freezing is a pretty common issue and has nothing to do with your disc or the console. The game is just effed up in that part, may be bad coding or it's just to much to bear for the PS3, regarding that the next gen version is not far away.