BF4 Graphics Comparison PC vs XBOX One vs PS4

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Hey guys,

I've seen so much talk between which platform has better graphics in BF4.. I've yet to see an actual video that goes somewhat in-death analysis of this topic. I decided to make a video about it and hopefully puts some peoples mind at ease. Personally PC will always have superior graphics but tell me what you guys think.

Here is the PC vs Xbox One vs PS4 Comparison.

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For more information, visit eurogamer's digital foundry. PS4 runs the game in 900p while Xbone only runs at 720p. Performance is consistently better on PS4 too. I guess if you wan't the game on a console, PS4 is the way to go.

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"Personally PC will always have superior graphics"

The console is not customizable like pc's. If so, then better gc's could be put in. The console is $400 compared to even gc's that cost more then that even.

They could make a $3000 console you know. This argument and war is pretty pathetic lol.

Better hardware will always be better. PC or Consoles...It's about the hardware...Not the tile you fools LMFAO

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Why not just compare PS4 and XBox One we all know PC will be superior if its a decent enough Rig.

Excellent Video tho mate.

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Maybe you guys can answer this dilemma. Im noticing that the graphics across the pc's aren't consistent. Here's a few screen captures to show what I'm talking about. i pulled the stills from the 17min walkthrough EA posted a while back, but I'm noticing the same details (darker, higher contrast shadows) on other youtube gameplay videos as well. I'm using a gtx780 with the settings completely maxed out.any thoughts?

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The graphics are inconsistent in general because the whole product unfortunately lacks any real identity or style.
Same like Crysis..I feel ashamed for being a european when I look at all those companies trying and failing and talking about how great they are because you can see a frog take a shit in their engine. What a waste.