B4 360 vs PS4 graphics comparison?

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Most of us own a current gen platform, many of us will buy a new console come holidays and it seems that it will be a PS4, as its the only non always on option.

Chances are that we wont right away, or that we will buy it with other game combo.

One way or the other, we might consider compromising the B4 experience and stay with current gen for a while.

And the question that rises is how much?

Atm we havent seen any current gen screenshots, we dont know how beautiful the frostbite 3 engine will look at current gen.

EA advertises the best, to create hype and what we see is next gen graphics, obviously superior to what we have now and this what it has created the hype and pre-orders. It makes little to no sense to buy a 360 game after looking the PS4 game footage, neither pre-order for PS4 before owning the actual console...


So, the least EA should do before starting to accept pre-orders is to actually show us some current gen screens or video.

As a premium B3 owner, i will have early access to the B4 BETA for the 360, i will revisit this thread right away, or the moment the situation about different versions is rectified, in the mean time, feel free to post any usefull input when/if available...

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I don't believe it's been anounced for any next gen consoles. So far it seems to only be on PC, X360 and PS3. DICE said they wanted to focus on Low Spec consoles, which of course is a great way to show off a next gen engine. :roll:

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Battlefield 4 will be available for both current and next gen consoles. If you're looking for which one will run the better graphics? That is a no brainer that BF 4 will look better on the PS 4 than on either the 360 or PS 3.

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Evidently graphics are a dramatic improvement, i dont expect the sound to be as lame too, the engineers first weapon sounded hilarious like a toy gun falling apart, EA really makes up for it with how that fire looks im even excited to see concept art considering the detail in these new graphics. This franchise's maps are so beautiful all of them pretty much flow brilliantly you really get a good experience if you play with matured gamers. I'm looking forward to Battlefield 4 so much but when it comes to graphics they are so amazing and becoming so brilliant, that the HUD is a concern, it would really spoil whats beautiful to look at by having a hud so gigantic and as colourful as the last one, being critical, im talking unenergetic transparent stuff even if the hud evaporated every once in a while, and i think having objective A, B etc anything like battlefield 3 in this game would spoil the time spent on making these graphics as lovely as they are. This will be a briliiant installment because Battlefield 3 was such a masterpeice already, I felt like the games really encourage you to make it look cool and reward you for it, thats stands out so much! The whole concept of that does not go unotticed, my main concern is better menu's battlefield 3's main menu sounded depressing for a game that is so fun! I hope readers took the time to appreciate that the gun on the screen certainly looks slightly better, i long for the day that the soldier puts the gun down however, but the height and sway is less crazy, it was strange how the rocket launcher pops up and down when your taking cover. The funnest game on the market nice on EA theMedic4