Crazy fun

User Rating: 10 | Battlefield 3 PC
I played a lot of FPS games. I've played every battlefield and Crysis Wars online, which was insane. I can say that the classes in this game are optimized better than any other fps. I also like that the bolt rifles give one shot kills and the semi snipers are more difficult and have less range. I've always sucked at sniping but in this game I dominate for some reason. The options for each weapon are perfect. Using a bi-pod for the sniper gives an obvious advantage for long distance shots. Using the same feature on a m416 with a heavy barrel in the tunnel of bf3 Damavand peak is the perfect spot for revival, healing and death-dealing as that weapon packs super punch. I've looked at a few friend's gamestats and it is obvious that every soldier obviously has their go to weapon. I liked bfbc2 more than any other battlefield, and I like this one even more than bfbc2. I feel like the series is always getting better and I feel like this one is just right. definitely a must buy for an avid shooter fan. If you want this game maxed, sandy bridge or sandy bridge 3 with at least a 570 (preferably a 580 3gb) should suffice. Or go hard and get 3 way sli with the gtx580, that's if you want to dump $2800 on a power rig.

Cheers and happy hunting.