Solid game; great MP. TONS of bugs and freeze issues.

User Rating: 8 | Battlefield 3 PC
This game is pretty much what it's cracked up to be - a solid first person shooter with great multiplay maps and more. I've enjoyed playing, when the game doesn't freeze or if Punkbuster doesn't kick you off a map for no reason. BF3 has plenty of potential but these issues have apparently been casuing havoc with gamers since, well, it's release. Unfortuantely, EA isn't giving to many helpful hints on how to fix it. Nevertheless, still a great game to play for a few minutes! The campaign isn't too bad but it's got that "been there done that" feel to it, much like all the other similar games (Modern Warfare for example). I'm not completely disrepecting the game, but it's bugs should be addressed in order to make it a classic FPS with a solid Multiplayer. Lastly, I do have to admit that BF3 takes the cake on multiplayer - I like the fact that the maps are expansive in nature and you can use all kinds of battle resources; it also seems a little more "fair" in it's challenge, unlike MWF where if you don't play all day every day you'll basically be killed immediately as the maps are small...