Love all Battlefield-games, newest is best :P

User Rating: 8.5 | Battlefield 3 PC
Love all Battlefield-games, fell in love 2002 in BF1942... been hooked ever since.
They just keep getting better, really!!!
Upgrade your Computer and Get your BF3-copy now :P
Biggest maps ever in a BF-game, new hot graphics-engine and of course super-nice Multiplay... Singelplayer is also great fun, cool story and the best interactivity :P
On the downside we have "Origin" and other features (Punkbuster-updates...) that keeps screwing up the fun.
Everytime there is a new update for BF3, Battlelog or Origin, the system crashes for a lot of users.
Regardless of bugs (witch all computer-games sadly suffer from), if you enjoy FPS, "Battlefield 3" is the ultimate FUN!
The story is set between Russia and U.S.A in a near future with all the latest weaponry of today.
Lots of upgrades for everything as you play and rise in rank (as usual).