Its juist a bomb shell of war fight so hands up good game for sure!! But stil needs some work in the small detail...

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield 3 PC
Its not always an easy game but it is sure worth it !! Even the orign systeem
is okay a bit like Steam if you now it but the game was reason for me to keep
playing till my hands burn and getting al the extra stuff that you can play loss.
About Flight? its like in all the other parts of Battlefield fun to do but has long
lost the experience of Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat if you really now wat is going. But then way not make an Patch to support the Desert Combat way of Flight system..... :)All in all im still playing the game and yes it a real bomb
shell hope to see some good Patches and Mods of course to screw around a little, I did not play the expansion yet but it seems to be an okay thing
to have so i will get it son like all the others but as a real Battlefield fan
a must be. so see yah soon on the Battlefield ty