Updates are toooooo big

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1.5 gigs to play the game in HD

172 mb title update

2.1 gig multiplayer update (Ill give some freedom because of B2K)

and now I decide to quickly jump on and they want me to download another gig of data?

Sorry, but dedicating 5 gigs to one console game is just plain rediculous. I only have 20 gigs to play with here. Ive actually lost interest in playing the game because of the amount of crap I have to download in order to play it.

I find it hard to believe they require so much space to update their game when no one else really does, not on consoles atleast. Not interested in buying a new console or harddrive for one game.

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And this is why people say PC is better. But I myself think this is ok. DICE is provided the consumer with a quality product. Unlike activision in which they decide to let their game stay glitchy until the following year.
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so you are complaining about dice listening to people and fixing issues that are in the game?

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there really is no pleasing people.

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Problems that shouldve been spotted out before release, and then fixed so that we didnt have to dedicate 5 gigs on one game, probobly less than 2 of which is DLC.