That's it. I'm building a Computer.

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Armored Kill really called into perspective just how inferior the console game is to the PC one. Whole chunks are clipped off of maps, you've got 24 player games as opposed to 64 players, and almost every match I feel like i'm playing with packs of worthless incompetents. Not just Battlefield, but all games pale in comparison to the PC master race. This is it. I'm making the jump. I'm building a Computer.

My take is that if a computer can handle BF3, it can hadle most anything else to come for a long while. Ideally, I'd like a setup that can run ultra settings, run a competable frames per second, and cost under 1000 dollars. I've already a keyboard, mouse, speakers and an adequate monitor. It's just the internal components that I need help with. Your fancy shmancy gaming mice and keyboards can come later. What numbers numbers should I shoot for? Can a gaming computer handle general tasks just as well? Is it really worth it?

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I think gamespot just made an article about an awesome new Graphics card which is really cheap for what it can do, so you should check it out. About the other components I couldn't really tell you. 

Just be careful in what components you buy, just because a computer can handle battlefield 3, it doesn't mean it can handle every game in the PC market. My PC can play Battlefield 3 with 30FPS on a mix of low and Ultra settings, but can't play The witcher 2 even on the lowest settings or Alan wake, there are other games that I can't run but I don't remember.

My point is, take another game as reference, like The Witcher 2 or Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2(that I couldn't run either), I think that if you can run one of those games in middle settings, you should be able to play any future game on the market for some time.

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Smart move.  BF3 for PC is the best!!  If you are playing bf3 on ultra you can pretty much play anything out there.  Newegg is always my best friend in buying parts.  You should be able to build yourself a new PC for under $1000 that will play BF3 on high or ultra.  AMD processors seem to be on the cheaper side.  Also I would recommend going with at least 6 gigs of ram for BF3.  To give you an idea of what my PC runs it at, see signature, I can run on high with 2x AA.  30+ frames per second.  My CPU, motherboard, and ram is about 3 years old.

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You made the right choice.. lol my older brother hates video games but LOOOOOOVES bf3 and buys a whole gaming pc just for that

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Awesome. You're going to love it!
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PC gaming has the benefit of being an open platform. I always play with all the Graphic options on ultra. The effects are stunning.