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Hello, I'd like to introduce to you radioactive roleplay where we play bf3 the way it was meant to be played. At radioactive we have three branches and different things we do. The three are RolePlay, Realism, and millitary simulator. Roleplay: [] We roleplay on battlefield 3 by giving you the rank to start with as a recruit. You must complete basic training and move up to the rank of private to choose your MOS(Millitary occupation specialty. At private you can only choose basic MOS's but when you move up in the ranks you will be able to train for more advanced MOS's. you live the life of a soldiering a videotape and over half of us have been or are in the millitary or JROTC/ROTC. We take Roleplays seriously and have lots of fun and I'm sure you would to. Realism: [] RARU practices a sort of teamwork-oriented style of gameplay, known as "Realism". It is much different from the "death match" style play seen on the public server. It is the portrayal of real tactics, strategies, and usally conduct through an online 24 player game. When you die in a realism scrimmage, you do not respawn until the end of the round. You must work as a team to keep each other alive. If you are looking for a different gaming atmosphere, community, and experience - Realism may be for you. Set-Up In a Realism match, there are many different styles and scenarios. The most common are Attack/Attack and Attack/Defense, meaning both teams attack at the same time, or one team attacks while the other defends an area. Once the terms and weapon allowances are established, your platoon (or team) leader will designate squad leaders and give them assignments. They will delegate the specific responsibilities to each member of their squad and go over the plan. Everyone has an assignment and is vital to the survival of the team. In the Heat of the Battle After your team moves out to secure its objective, you encounter the enemy - also trying to secure their objective. The feeling at this point, acknowledging that you only have one life, has been described as "the most adrenaline ever received in a video game." Between providing your teammates suppressive fire to dodging bullets yourself, you hear your squad leader shouting orders to keep you all alive, and the team leader's communication with his squad leaders, revising the plan to ensure victory. Millitary simulator: site being made Well basically the millitary simulator is just an even combination of roleplay and realism. We are still in the process of fully adding this but you are able to join it. We are hosting a tournament between the branches soon for 3200 Microsoft points also so come on and sign up and earn your ranks. Hope you decide to come check it out and have lots of fun, Thanks RoG Arctict, Cheif liaison