New discoveries!!!! :D

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Hardcore!!!! OMG its amazing only just tried it and its awesome i love how you start with about 60% health and it doesnt regenerate unless you find a medics health crate, also feels a lot more real and it forces more teamwork. They also kept the mini map in hardcore which they didnt in BC2.

VOIP!! Did anyone else know about this? I always wondered if there was an option to talk to the whole team and then just yesterday when i paused i noticed it said VOIP I changed it to team and then all of a sudden i was talking to teammates :)

Also noticed the lack of realism servers, I did find a good one yesterday called Royal Marines Simulation server which was awesome, wish you could customise the hardcore settings slightly to make it more challenging without it becoming unranked, although this server had was ranked with custom settings so it means you started with 100% instead of 60%.

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are you on PC? i haven't seen hardcore mode on xbox yet

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are you on PC? i haven't seen hardcore mode on xbox yet

You aren't looking HARD enough. get it? I know, I'm hilarious. anyways, look in the server browser, there are three different categories, Normal, Hardcore, and Infantry. By default Normal is always selected, so thats probably why you haven't seen it.
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Royal Marines Simulation huh..... this for 360???

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yep thats right im on xbox like Condor said if you go into the server browser and click the right stick you can choose your settings there you will find hardcore and if you type in simulation it should come up with one called RM simulation server not sure if its expired now but was playing it the other day :)