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i am starting a new battlefield 3 squad/clan. in this squad i will be using real military tactics and this squad you will have to play as if it is a real battle. you will have to talk to the sqaud using these comands. like these ---->(etc..sniper on the north hill take caution,whats our air traffic status,enemy tank to the west side...) everyone will have there role deppending on there abilaty and CANT change it during the game. the roles are jet pilot,transport/attack heli pilot,snipers,tank drivers,jeep drivers,forward machine gun/shotgun infantry (forward atack soldiers)and a few more. there are 3 ranks in the squad the lowest but most important PRIVATE these are the main backbone of the squad they take orders from the sergeant and sometimes the corporal. Next is corporal these are 2nd in command after the sergeant.when the sergeant is not around these guys are incharge.there main job is to inform the sqaud what is a threat in the battlefield like scouting the area for snipers,tanks jets,heli's,and infantery. next is sergeant these guys are the boss of the squad before the match they come up with a team plan assign every one to 1 role ,give orders and give the team some support and lift there spirits. SNIPERS: have to scout the area for threats and either inform corporal or the whole squad while sniping enemys. enginers: if you are a driver or pilot you will have this class. medical: if you are a medic you are a forward soilders and the soilders are counting on you! support: is anouther forward class used for mortars and ammo boxes. i am hoping to get around 8-16 people to join and will then decide the name. i want everyone that is going to join to be friends. i want us to fell like your battlefield 3 friends that you can trust and play with alot and dont be shy no one will be affencive if they are they will be kicked straight away so dont be shy and join. soon i am getting a elgato game capture card but until then i will record with my camera.(if you have a recording please join) i want our clan to be famous on youtube and on xbox live as a good teamwork clan. OPTIONAL ----->and eventualy if we play alot we might even change our gamertags to the clans tags. please play using these real comands and tactics and were garented to win. please dont be shy no one knows who you are so join and have some fun. if you would like to join send a VOICE msg saying your strong points to GT:jordon MC. and i will send you a friend request. thanks