I need help please

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I am new to the battlefield games and usually play COD but I wanted something new and picked this up for 20 bucks.  I just have a couple questions.  When i'm playing i noticed team members are different colors on their markers such as blue and green.  why is that?  I was also wondering say if i'm playing as a sniper or the recon class is camping the idea because i've noticed most people play how the class was intended.  which is fine by me i'm not a huge fan of quickscoping and running around with a sniper.

thanks in advance


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When you're playing, green markers represent your squad, which you can spawn on, and blue markers represent you're team, which you can not spawn on. When I use recon, I always use semi auto snipers and I rush because snipers are mostly 1 hit kills. If you use bolt action, then you should power camp, camp then kill 1 or 2 people, then move to a different spot to prevent them from finding you.
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thanks i've been playing it quite a bit lately, it plays completely different than the cod games it's not so chaotic.