EPIC TOW 360 Battlefield 3 Gameplay - I GUARANTEE you haven't seen this before!!

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Hey guys, AllDayBeastMode here once again with another EPIC video but this one is one of my favorites so far! My new buddy -TPE- ICETHEPOPO showed me this trick a couple days ago and of course like many of you, I was surprised after seeing this done. So after doing the caspian border TOW 360, we decided that we would try this little trick on as many maps as possible and while doing this we found that PALM TREE glitch which was pretty crazy too. Big thanks to -TPE-ICETHEPOPO! P.S. Sorry if the music is too EPIC for you haha, could not think of specific soundtrack for this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-RFB5rUEuk ---------- Watch in HD I hope you enjoy the video, and believe me, I hate caspian border but i'll be on there 24/7 chilling at D until someone comes along and I will get a kill doing this, so look forward to that haha and of course I challenge everyone else to do the same. Comments/Likes/Subs are always greatly appreciated and I will have more videos up weekly...hopefully (school!!). Thanks, AllDayBeastMode!