[BF3 CLAN] [PC] Wrathful Angels is now recruiting! For all ages!

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Wrathful Angels is a new military based Battlefield 3 and future Battlefield 4 clan.  WA - WRATHED ANGELS MILITARY ENLISTMENT Join the finest Battlefield 3 clan around! We try to play as often as we can together! From Squad Wars to practices and scrims with other Battlefield 3 Clans, WA members get the best experience that can be offered any BF3 clans anywhere! WA members get a real-life military gaming clan experience through our military inspired structure, chain of command, guidelines, ranks and our Battlefield clans military atmosphere! Right away, the clans members of WA see much of our organization as they earn promotions, receive clan awards and get closer to other WA Members by being apart of one of WA's military style Battlefield clans squads. Members divided up into squads participate in many BF3 clan events sponsored by the WA community! Squads participate in squad wars together, an event unique to WA, where different squads within the battlefield 3 clans structure can challenge each other and hold internal Battlefield 3 clan wars. LOOKING FOR A GREAT GAMING EXPERIENCE? LOOK NO FURTHER! The biggest plus of the Wrathful Angels is that we believe that all Battlefield 3 Clans should be appropriate for all ages, and making WA this way has been my goal from the very beginning! So, if WA sounds like the kind of BF3 clan that interests you, come on in, check us out.

So you like it? Please sumbit your recruitment application on our website!