August premium content drop

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Any info on what it is?    Back to Karkand is listed as a content drop and not an expansion pack on the schedule so I wonder how big the content drop will be.

#2 Posted by CondorCalabasas (654 posts) -

it'll probably be new weapon camos

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yep I imagine it might be new assignments to unlock new camos and skins. I just hope that they dont give L96, SCAR-H, PECHENES, F-2000; camos again or I'll be pretty upset =\

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hmmm i don't think it will be soldier camos because that kind of content has its own category- "unique in-game content"


The august one is a different category content drop. It's gotta be something like battlerecorder.

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it'll probably be new weapon camos


weapon camos are soldier upgrades, content drop is gonna have something to do with maps, vehicals, ect... rumor is that it will be something to do with the killfeed, but we wont know until its released.. i hope its a new map, pray for harvest day from bad company 2 lol

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I doubt it will be a map I'm sure they do that with expansions. I like the other post about the battle recorder or theatre mode, that would be sick.

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I would totally love a theater mode :D