"New Textures, New Maps, New annoying electrical effects. It's BF2 without the soul, but at least noobs don't get

User Rating: 5.6 | Battlefield 2142 PC
Various Comments.

"Looks like BF2 got a model and texture pack."
"Sweet! The tank can sidestep!"
"Wait, hover tanks can't hover over water? Did they actually design this game, or just slap new models into the old engine?"
"Wow, you can actually blow things up with a single rocket!" "Wow, your vehicle is blown up with a single AT rocket!"
"Great, instead of bringing back the battleships, carriers, and destroyers from 1942, they give us one "titan" that only serves to showcase the fact that EA has no concept of gameplay"

What appalls me the most about the gamespot review is how quickly the whole "game installs spyware on your computer to put ads in the game," is brushed over. In an age where most of us need to run a full time program to prevent spyware from infecting our machines (or periodically run adaware/spybot), we are now embracing a commercial install of such software, AFTER paying for the software.

The review should be ducted 2 points just for such an inhumane action.

And what's with this new titan mode? How many years have they been making these games? This is all they could come up with? One new game mode?