While unique, this shooter has too much arcade-feel in it and will leave you wanting your better shooters.

User Rating: 7.5 | Battlefield 2: Modern Combat XBOX
The Good: Hotswapping is a really sweet gameplay mechanic; Rewards system encourages you to play around with all the different weapons.

The Bad: There are a few frustratingly hard levels; vehicle control is pretty bad; A.I. isn't very bright; Feels too arcady.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a lot like Star Wars Battlefront. It gives you a lot of options, lot of different guns, and a rewards you for so many kills with one gun. The adds a new, unique mechanic called hotswapping, too. So what is it missing? It's just not that fun.

When I said BF2 was a lot like SWB I wasn't kidding. It seems almost exactlly alike. There is the almost the same type of rewards system. There's a ton of people on the map. Only you're not trying to take over bases. You're trying to complete all sorts of objectives. That's one cool thing, how different the objectives are in each level. So it's almost never, "Get the briefcase and extract" or "Kill this man!" They're usually pretty varied, but unfortunately, the environments aren't as varied. You're usually playing in at least two different environments: A snowing land, and a raining oil plant. There is a confrontation in Kazakhstan between many countries, specifically America and China. The confrontation's main source is oil. So you play as NATO (U.S.A.) and China, which is kind of strange since you kill Chinese in one mission, and then the next you are one. It's kind of weird and I'm not sure I like it so much.

The gameplay alone isn't that fantastic. It's pretty arcade-like. You basically have an objective and you need to find a way to that objective while making sure you don't die from any enemies. There enlies hotswapping. Hotswapping is sort of this crazy thing where you can look at one of your teammates and when his little emblem over his head turns white, your vision kind of flies over to his point-of-view, so it's pretty cool. It doesn't add a whole though, except for the occassional mission where there are two different areas someone has to be and you can just hotswap between them. Throughout the mission it tracks a score based on how many enemies you've killed, how many in a row with a specific kind of weapon, and how many times you die. Each time you die you lose 5000 points. It's kind of weird that this is even in here, because it makes it seem even more arcady.

The rewards system is probably my favorite thing about Battlefield 2, which is somewhat ironic since it really doesn't add anything. It just compells you to finish the mission faster and do other things. Every mission you can get stars for getting a high score, completing a mission quickly, and being a team player (which basically means hotswapping a whole lot and using everyone). But then there are negative stars for dying. Anyway, these stars all go into raising your rank. For instance, you can become a Master Sergeant at 24 stars and then a Sergeant Major at 36 stars. It kind of compells you to get a higher rank to brag to your friends about, but overall doesn't add a whole lot.

Vehicles are a pretty big part of the game, which is a shame because the control is really annoying. You basically don't use your right thumbstick at all when you get in a vehicle. You only use your left thumbstick and press the direction you want to go. It's kind of weird, because you try to go one way and it goes some way you didn't think it would go. There are multiple vehicles. You have you humvees, helicopters, and boats basically. They all have this style of control and can be somewhat annoying...

Graphically it's just average. The environments look pretty good, but everything else just looks like every other shooter. So it's really nothing special. Same with the sound. There's not a whole lot here that you're not going to find in another shooter.
Gameplay: Lots of options, whether missions or bonus challenges. Just too arcady, though.

Graphics: Average joe...

Sound: Same...

Value: The rankings will have you trying to improve your rank all the time, so it could provide lasting value...

Tilt: This just isn't something to get if you're looking for a great tactical shooter. You'll get some really unique things, but ultimately, will leave you wanting your other shooters that are probably much better...