User Rating: 8.8 | Battlefield 1942 PC
BF 1942 is a huge game. This game is desinged for the online play, because you can have up to 64 players going against each other. The game it self does not have a central story, but it is based around some of the key battles during WWII. You main objective is to finish off the enemy and you pretty much win these "battles". As far as gameplay goes, its really can control all sorts of vehicles and they pretty much have similar controls. You start a battle by choosing the type of infantry you want to be (medical, sniper, engineer..etc), and all of those types have a specialty which comes in handy during a battle. You also have the power to control all sorts of vehicles in the game, but the gameplay is so well balanced that having a vehicle can be good or a bad thing. As i mentioned before, this is a huge game, and you must have a powerful computer to run this game at a smooth frame rate. The levels are just huge, and there are plenty of actios going on...and thats why you need to either tone down on the graphics, or have a decent machine. I played this lot more than I played Quake 3 or UT 2004...because this is a really fun game. If there is a good game going on online, then its really easy to lose track of time!