Battlecruiser Millennium: Gold Edition Cheats For PC

  1. Unlocking all cheats by using an altered shortcut Target line.

    To correctly apply the cheat in the Battlecruiser Millenium and Gold games, you must right mouse click on the shortcut on desktop to open up the Properties menu. In the Target line, you must include this at the very end of the wording, -cheat not just cheat or cheats or –cheats it has to be exactly –cheat and the Target lind should now look like: "C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\3000AD\Battlecruiser Millennium Gold\bcm.exe" –cheat Copy and Paste this line to be sure into your Target line in the shortcut Properties. Click Apply and OK to activate cheat mode, then begin the game normally.

    Code Effect
    ALT+X Destroy any target at will. To use, target the object in the TACSCAN, press V to view it in the CVD and press ALT+X to destroy it.
    SHIFT+T Elapse 1 min of game time. Keep pressed for rapid time advancement.
    CTRL+SHIFT+T Same as above but elapses 10 mins of game time
    O O will allow you to leave the planet at any altitude with Shift + E to land.

    Contributed by: j6251 

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