This Assassin is not worth hiring.

It's not easy to criticize Assassin's Creed because it does so many things the right way. The reason I give it an 8.5 is because of it's unique setting, it's full-realized world, nice graphics, good music and controls.

What's bad about this game is that it's rather repetitive because the only things you get to do are 4 different types of missions before you actually get to assassinate your target. You have to complete a few "investigation" missions around the city to gather information. They start out incredibly easy, and get a tiny bit more difficult as the game goes on. They include interrogation, where you kick a guys ass for information. Pickpocket, where you try stealing from someone without them noticing. Eavesdrop, pretty straightforward, and informant, where a guy gives you information if you go do something for him.
When you actually get to the assassination part, you are usually surrounded by a bunch of guards who cant really fight. You kill your target, and you're done.
Once you do what i wrote above about 10 times, kill some more bad guys, fight the last boss, you get one of the most horrible endings ever made. The end.