This game could of been a great one, but it wasnt.

I bought this game for about $55. You can't say i haven't played it a lot, because i spent about 30 hours on it.

The game had a good idea, but it just came as a huge dissapointment. When I first started playing i thought that the game was something fresh, and interesting. I played the missions and then did the career. As all the times i've played career the first 4 seasons start out at mild weather. The game is so repetitive. All you do is drop pots, collect pots, chip ice and go back to port to offload, resupply, repair and take any crew members to hospital.It gets so boring at times that you literally cant play more than a minute without exiting. Also the gameplay is just way to easy and requires almost no strategy, the events are completely random so there is no point making a strategy.

The graphics aren't worth $55 dollars either. It has about a Playstation 1 or early Playstation 2 graphics and the only impressive thing is the water. Nothing special, in fact an absolute disappointment.

The only reason i kept playing this game was because i am a deadliest catch fan and i love simulation games, but as i said this game isn't fun at all and a complete waist of money.

Overall i do not advise the purchase of this game, just change page and look for something else. Even if your a big fan of the series, just look away. This is bad.

An honest opinion, by a honest gamer.