Warhawk is an excellent game, without a single doubt. The servers still have many bugs and issues to resolve however.

Warhawk surprised me. When i heard that the developers had taken the single player campaign off of the table, I was very disappointed. But nonetheless SCEA has put together a commendable game. This game pits two factions, the Chernovians, and the Eucadians against each other with a future aircraft super weapon, the Warhawk (Eucadians) and the Nemesis (Chernovians). While the two factions are completely evenly matched, the Chernovians appear to be from fifty years in the future compared to the WWII-style appearance of the Eucadians. This game is simply a lot of fun. it doesn't do anything different, it does not bring anything relatively new to the PS3 or the gaming world, but it does give players a fresh, high paced, and exciting battlefield to compete in. I would give this game a 10, if only the servers weren't nearly unaccessible and if the ranking system would actually work. Also, I would have liked to see some diversity between the weapons and tactics between the two factions, like Haze is promising to give us later this year.

If you want to spend some time waiting for Unreal Tournament and Haze, PICK THIS ONE UP!