why only 6 stars? this game has killer grafx and fun

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this game is way better than the first 2 by far. hell going back I cant believe I thought the first batman had good grafx but this new one is insane. tessellation in the snow when you walk through it and piles of cash and random papers that can be whooshed away with a wave of the cape. little stuff like that matters. almost all textures are high res. the game play is really fun and exciting I quit on bf4 and ghosts cause this was so addicting. im sorry this only got 6 stars

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Game reviews, as well as reviews for other entertainment mediums, are highly subjective. Instead of a game claiming "will not crash 99% of the time, will provide 8 distinct bosses, etc." and being judged based on what it claimed to provide, the majority of a game review is simply about whether or not the "game is fun". Sometimes reviewers throw in "value for the money" as well, but I think that should be a separate piece of information. A game (movie, or book) could be the most excellent piece of entertainment ever, but just be overpriced. That doesn't mean that it is bad, just that it isn't worth as much as it is being sold for.

Regardless, if you go to metacritic or any other review aggregator, you can see the reasons that were pretty much shared by all reviewers as to why Arkham Origins got a low score.

In short: - Gameplay elements weren't improved upon as much as they were from older Batman games (generally awful or mediocre) to Arkham Asylum, or from Arkham Asylum to Arkham City (adding double and triple counters, more gadgets, open world environment, etc.)

- The gameplay felt the same as the previous two.

If your enjoyment of a game comes from how much it improved over previous iterations, then yes, you probably won't enjoy Arkham Origins. If you enjoy a game based on its own merits and haven't grown tired of similar gameplay found in previous Batman: Arkham games, then it is a great game.

Simply put, don't let reviews change your opinion of the game. If you like it, then that is all that matters. Reviews are really only meant to (in some cases) give consumers an idea of whether or not a game would be something that they would like to purchase.