They Still Haven't Fixed Take Downs Since The Last Two Games

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One of my biggest pet hates I have had since the first game in the series, was take downs and how slow Batman is doing them compared to his quick fight ability. e.g prime example when an enemy is down and Batman jumps on top of them and delivers the final blow.

Batman has always been slow in delivering that take down blow, giving another enemies enough time around to counter you taking an enemy out. I wish they would have fixed that in this game, was disappointed to find they hadn't :(

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@manofsteel84: There is nothing to fix. The ground takedown has the highest multiplier in a combo, therefore it should be a little harder to accomplish. Be careful of your surroundings, and only do it if you know you have enough time, or at the end of the combo on the last 1,2 or 3 thugs remaining.

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As the poster above me said, in terms of gameplay, it only evens it out as it gets us the highest score. Now in reality, it also makes a lot of sense as Batman is knocking these guys out, of course he'll have to make his punch harder and make sure they really stay down. That also fits the gameplay in that it knocks them out, so similar to how it gets the highest score, we trade off the speed of regular attacks for permanently knocking them out.