[SPOILERS] Regarding Joker...

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Just finished the game, and I must be one of the few that thoroughly enjoyed it. To be clear, I got all three Arkham games, and all three are collector's editions -- sweet spot for statues and Bats/Joker, so do the math.

Where I'm going is, although I have played and loved the previous two Arkham games, I have a question that I'm sure I'm too stupid to answer myself. Joker often hallucinates Batman as a monster. Is this ever justified/explained? Is it a nod to Man-Bat? Is it something deeper? Honestly, due to how I work with games, I can't stick too long with one, so after I beat the other two they went back into the collection shelf (although I plan to replay them now back-to-back). I can't remember if this was ever explained in the other two games, or even shown again.

And another question: we, at a point, "play" as Red Hood, the pre-Joker status of Joker. I'm pretty positive he hasn't appeared like that in the next games, but again, I could be wrong. Is there any more about it, or just a nod to fans? Does it mean that the writers followed The Killing Joke origin for Joker, or maybe just implemented his design from there?

Thanks in advance guys, fill me with knowledge!

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I do not think that is an indication to Man-Bat. Joker is just insane and has always seen Batman as his antithesis. It just shows the connection he has with Batman and what he saw Batman as the night of his accident. This is why he blames Batman for what has happened to him, though he embraces it, and he feels like he is part of Batman.

What really points to Man-Bat is the giant meat eating bat in the Batcave.

They do not really follow any of the comics arcs, just simple nods. I thought they were going for Knightfall in this one but it didn't turn out that way. These three games are just the Joker Trilogy.

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For the Red Hood part I think the writers just used that to show us who he was before he turned into the Joker. I do question when exactly the Red Hood scene happened because first we play as him in the comedy club as the Joker then as Red Hood so I don't know if the scene went back further or Joker or Joker put it on after attacking the people at the comedy club. I haven't read the Killing Joke, but I am reading Zero year and in it the Red Hood is leader of the Red Hood gang and then falls into the acid. It wouldn't have made sense for Joker to appear as Red Hood in the other games because he is already the Joker.