Sniper Enemies Tracking Issues In Game

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I have noticed especially with sniper enemies, their ability to seemly track your movement behind a wall even when out of sight.

It only happens when you have already been tracked by the snipers already, I got tracked by two lower roof snipers and I went up to one of the higher buildings.

Once I was ducked down behind the wall out of their line of sight. No matter where I crouch and walk along the wall keeping out of sight. They psychically could pinpoint every single movement still, almost as if the sniper enemies had x-ray vision.

I can't remember if this was an issue in the previous two games, but has anyone else noticed this with sniper enemies in the game?

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@manofsteel84: Yup they truly are annoying in Origins, more so than in the previous two games, imo. Think of them as having detective vision as Batman, that and perfect aim :P Thankfully the smoke pellet will save you.