Should I start with this game?

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I've never played any of the Arkham games, I heard Asylum was good, City was great, and origins kind of fell flat. Is that because it was more of the same compared to Arkham City? If so that's fine by me as I've never played any of them. Or is City just better all around? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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It all depends really. if you're the type that likes order, start with Asylum, learn the combat and ropes of the game, then move on to Arkham City, which continues the story and has the combat system polished up and very much improved. Origins kind of did fall flat, although the story is good and I think they patched up the combat recently to make it more like AC.

Overall, so far City is the best to a majority of the fans (it's my favorite). Again it all depends on you and what your style is. If I was in your shoes, I'd start with AA and go on from there. After get through AA and AC you should be able to handle AO with no trouble. Also, what you heard about the 3 games was pretty much accurate.

If you play this series, you're in a for a real treat, especially if you're a Batman fan. So far the Arkham franchise is the best superhero game ever created. Best of luck in your journey into Arkham!

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I wouldn't say "good, great, flat" I would say Asylum was great, City was better and Origins was a carbon copy of City. I would start with Asylum strictly from a learning curve POV. Asylum (IMO) was the most cohesive game, City built upon that and improved in every way (it's only downfall being a crammed and incomplete story with out-of-place side missions)... Origins has a great story but they didn't build upon the gameplay so it suffers from redundancy as mission-styles and boss battles are re-used and repurposed with only a couple exceptions...

(That sounds like I pointed out all the negatives but let me rephrase... I pointed out ALL the negatives, meaning that all three games are GREAT so they're held to a higher standard; as a Batman fan and adventure video game fan, I fully enjoyed all three even though there were legitimate albeit small critiques to be made.)

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Ok, sounds good, thanks for the advice!