[Q] Is this a bug for my last Extortion Data?

#1 Posted by TisButABat (8 posts) -

I am in the Sionis Mill and the moment you go down the elevator you can go down down the hall and before you enter the door, to your left, there is some data there with a little box you can hack. For some reason, my Cryptographic Sequencer does not allow me to target it. Is there something else I have to do before I can get to it?


#2 Posted by Frag_Maniac (2059 posts) -

If it's the one not too far away behind a jail bar looking gate, I seem to recall you have to go left of the gate and look up, where there's a broken pipe you can grapple up into and it takes you to that room where you can drop down and get the pack.

If that's not the one, you'll have to take a screenshot to show what it looks like.