My REVIEW short and quick !

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I managed to get the game early and am playing 1 hour 30 mins so far. This review is short and quick just to let some of you people know what to expect.

The gameplay is great, just like the last two games. Action is brilliant, and boss fights too.

However if you want something which is much different and innovative compared to arkham city then you maybe disapointed. But im havin a great time on it so far. The graphics look excellent, and the sound and atmosphere are engrossing, as ever. Love the design of the start menu.

The voice acting is where it should be , nothing over the top.


The game so far is not that different from arkham city in terms of core mechanics. Thats not a bad thing. Arkham city was one of the GOTY of 2011. So we are treated to similar aspects, but a different story and a much younger batman, inexperienced.

So far WB show this quite well in the cutscenes, it does feel like an new batman starting his career.

No spoilers.

But let me sum it up.

If you loved the previous two , you will not be disapointed by this. If you wanted something drastically new , then you might.

Think on the lines of God of war ascension But without lacking a kick, and a more engaging story. Batman arkham origins so far is looking great.

Yet to try MP. as no ones online.

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Thank you sir, short and sweet very good.

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Great to hear! I don't want any monkeying around with the formula and the mechanics were near perfect so why try to fix what isn't broken. I'm just looking for a new Bat-adventure to enjoy and add to the already classic first two on my gaming shelf.

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This is reassuring(as much as a random internet source can get). Are you playing it on PC, how does it run?

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im playing it on PS3 . The graphics have been improved from what i can see, and better physx. PC should be able to run this much much higher and better obviously.

Gameplay starts in a more arkham asylum fashion, before you enter the open world. However not being populated is another case, but its covered well in terms of story setting on xmas eve.

Again ive only played shortly, and so far im not having any problems with it.

How many batman games do we get ?

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That's pretty much what I expected. Much of the same of the first two but with better graphics. Not a bad thing at all. Im getting it.

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A pretty solid offering considering it wasn't done by RS, the only thing I found off putting was the jokers voice sounded very flat and lacking the maniacal energy and insanity Hamill used to bring to the character shame he retired. Still definitely worth getting. I am glad they didn't try to make too many changes if people want something new then go play a different IP, this is Arkham let it stay Arkham.

I think the developers can be proud of what they have produced though, it was a tough challenge to live up to what has come before, and they have done Arkhams legacy no harm at all.

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My main problems with the game.. (SPOILERS)

  1. Black Mask not main character as hinted, and his side mission is wimpy and over quick.
  2. Half the so called "assassins" are really just repeat Batman villains and easy to beat.
  3. No puzzles with Enigma like the rescues in Arkham City, and his datapacks were too easy.
  4. Extremely short campaign with much of it having a point of no return that comes without warning.
  5. No intricate boss fights with adaptable attack style immunity, like Mr Freeze in Arkham City.
  6. Crime in Progress too easy and quick, with no limited response time like Cold Call Killer in AC.
  7. The big battles were better in AC. You had to really stay focused and use the combos a lot.
  8. Mad Hatter nightmare segment is cake compared to the Scarecrow one in Arkham Asylum.

In short, this is probably better than I expected from such an inexperienced dev team, but it's also very disappointing coming off Arkham City, which is still by far the best in the series.