Missing gadgets/ Unlocking Invisible predator upgrades

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I've finished the main story, did all the casefile reports, did all the most wanted except the riddler, just collecting the datapacks now. completed shadow vigilante, got 14/15 of gotham protector, got 5/15 of worst nightmare, completed world greatest detective.

Question is, im missing a gadget on the upper left side of the d-pad. how do i get it? and i think so far in to the game, where im just doing collectibles now, and with so much upgrade points, i still cant upgrade the following,

increased batarang damage

double batarang

triple batarang

explosive gel frequency detonator

heat signature concealment system

increased smoke volume

explosive gel proximity detonator

lastly, when i lock on to glide kick by pressing square on the ps3, when i hold r2, i cant perform the dive bomb tackle. whats the problem?

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