Lost Video

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So this is a long shot but I had to try: just started playing tonight and I got right up to hacking the police DNA data in the sewers without any glitches, then as it starts to play the video that explains Black Mask's 'murder' the game crashes and I have to restart, and upon restarting it loads right after the video that's where the checkpoint is so if I want to see that video I have to start over... it seemed as if it was going to be pretty integral to the plot, obviously Black Mask isn't dead that much was obvious but... all videos on the tube are just gameplay, no one seems to bother with the vids so I just thought I'd ask here before I go on without seeing it, help would be much appreciated.

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Found it, all the cutscenes in one tubevid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEuyLvJAMKQ for anyone who's interested. now I know why I was randomly chasing the joker after that bit.