I have a problem with FreeFlow...

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So, I bought the PC version from steam, the game was flawless, no lag, no crashes, hell, I didn't even get stuck on the burnley tower.

The only problem I have is when Batman reaches x50 combo during FreeFlow....

The game would freeze in 1 second and then resume, this happens EVERY TIME when Batman is about to hit a thug, doesn't matter if I go beyond x50, it kept freezing everytime Batman is about to do a strike if he reaches above and beyond x50, making it annoying and hard to reach x100.

This doesn't happen UNTIL I reach x50.

It's so annoying and just ruins the fun of the game. This first happend after I defeated Eletricutioner, I thought it was just temporary, but I tried it on challenge mode, 100 to 1, the same thing happens!

Can someon tell me how to fix this or is it also a known bug? I hope it gets fixed in the patch.

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Oh yeah, I don't have this problem with Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Forgot to mention.