Game crashing?

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Is the game crashing a lot for anyone else?

I've had the game crash several times on me now. Is there a fix for this? I tried downloading it to my HDD, but that didn't help much at all and remained the same.

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yeah, many many times, now resulting in a corrupt save.

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That sucks, dude.

I just finished the game, and apparently using one of the costume while accessing the training console will crash the game, too.

I hope they fix this, because this is very annoying, and in your case, damaging. :\

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the game doesnt crash for me, but it slows down a lot throughout gameplay to where you cant even move or do anything. playing on ps3.

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My friend who has it on PS3 hasn't encountered crashes either.

Most I know using the 360 version get a bunch of crashes.

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Figures. I restarted on easy to get caught up...except then I discover you cant change difficulty. My god. Is this 2005 or what?? Not only that, but new game + only unlocks with normal or up. I guess I'll get what achievements I can and see if they come out with a fix ( yeah right) this was supposed to last me until the 22nd of November, but I'm so bummed I don't even want it to last until next week.

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lots of bugs in this game. I wonder if this is a lack of testing or a problem in producing the disc.

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@binderr00: Taking into account that they refused to allow reviews to be released until the actual day of release, it would say to me they're well aware of the huge amount of problems the game has.

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Yeah I'm playing on 360 and it crashes all the time, it seems the 360 version crashes more often but the PS3 versions suffers from more framerate issues and some audio glitching..It's a shame I really like this game the story for this game and some of the character work but the build quality is not to the same standard as the Rocksteady games. It feels like it needed an extra month to iron out bugs and work on the stability.

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@binderr00 said:

lots of bugs in this game. I wonder if this is a lack of testing or a problem in producing the disc.

It's not the disc. I've returned mine twice already. The 360 version crashes on me multiple times per day to where I have to reboot the console. I wanna snap the disc in half. There isn't one particular thing that causes a crash, it happens whenever it wants to. This is what happens when they give an awesome game to an inexperienced studio. And it's not like they even added anything new from Arkham City. Everything is the same except there's a new story with new characters. But the missions, city, and buildings are all the same.