Corrupted save

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So, I guess liek many people out there the game keeps freezing my xbox from time to time. Yesterday I finished the story, the game froze my csonsole again and I turned it off. Now that I turn it on my save file is corrupted. its all gone, any way to fix this?

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# Mine just did the same thing. I was about 32% done, froze for about the 8th time, rebooted, and corrupt. I'm so pissed. Seriously considering taking it back for a refund. Just inexcusable behavior this late in current gen. What kind of asshat company only has one save? AutoSaves should be separate files, or at least have a couple of them at different srages similar to what Kingdoms of Amular did.

And you KNOW there wont be a fix before next gen comes. Friggin morons. Game freezes more often than Saints 4 did.