Can't get a data pack

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# There is this one that I can't get, and I hope someone found a good way to do it. The pack is on top of the soda coler plant in The Bowery, and there is no way to grapple to it. The strategy guide says to use the Bowery's Batwing drop, and while you're dropping, hold x (I'm PS3), and turn to the right, then dive bomb and pull up as needed to land up there and get the pack. Problem is, you can't start gliding until you're almost at the ground, then turning right will bring you wayyyy too low and you'll snag the bridge there. Going around the tall building to your right won't work either, and it also seems you can't go over it.

I sure hope someone can help with this one; it's a real pain in the ***!

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@scottybro1970: I reached it by gliding from one of the gargoyles nearby. The trick is to dive(not too much) 2 times, in order to elevate to that point. Just go from there, glide, drop, elevate, see how close you get and adapt :)

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i am having a problem with the data packs too i got two in amusement mile for extortion pack's 5 but the two i have collected are the two i need please help