Batman characterization in these games needs to be fixed.

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Alright, seriously, Batman has been a complete and total sicko in the last two games. In Arkham City and his treatment of Mr. Freeze and Robin, and in Origins with him dropping thug off a building, telling thugs that it will "only hurt when you breathe" and treatment of Black Mask, Batman seems like an overly violent ass. When did people start liking a Batman who breaks thugs' bones for fun and tortures villains? Next thing you know one of the new features of Arkham Knight will be choosing your torture tools like GTA 5 or introducing creative ways to kill thugs. Yes, ok, so Batman has done some questionable things before. For example, flying a thug off the end of the Batplane in the animated series, etc. and maybe it is me, but I've never been a fan of the more Dark Knight Returns kind of Batman.