An overpriced DLC that fails to give you your money's worth.

User Rating: 4 | Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge X360
Same classic and enjoyable Arkham City game play we know and love. The new design of the Steel Mill looks great. An incredibly quick and easy 250 GS that can be gotten in less then 3 hours. Playing as Robin adds some spice into the game. The ending has the potential to set up some interesting things for the next game, We could quite possible be seeing a lot more of Robin in the near future.

No where near worth the 10 dollar price tag. No replay value. Severely lacks content. Harley Quinn has terrible and annoying dialogue through out the DLC. Story is boring and incredibly weak. Takes a little over 2 hours to beat. Incredibly easy and offers no challenge what so ever.

Overall: 4/10
What really killed this DLC was the high price tag. I think the price of 400 MS Points (5 dollars) would have been a lot more fair to the fans for this DLC because it has no replay value and can be completed rather quickly. I am very disapointed.