It is really sad to see people bringing down a meta rating just out of spite.

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City PC
It's better than it's predecessor in every way. And if you played the first you k ow that is no easy task. Quite simply, Arkham City is one of the best games this generation. And I'm far from an avid Batman fan. I never read the comics and only enjoyed two of the movies. Sandbox style is similar to Assassins Creed and Infamous. Both those games are great, but Arkham City has even more polish. Consider all that with an excellent story and top notch voice acting, you have one very special game.This is the perfect game. You have classic beat em' up batman style with an "Open World" style game including side missions and mini games. To those complaining about the movement if you had taken the time to master the movement and do the AR trainings you would not be so disappointed.Sweet, improves on most everything from the first game. There is so much to do if you choose. Game play is smooth voice acting is great and the presentation is awesome.