there are some annoying instances but all in all a good game

User Rating: 8.5 | Batman: Arkham City PC
let me start by telling you if you do purchase this game, the install is not frozen. if you have already purchased this game you will know what that means.
i am not going to lie, i had to install this twice. it is super finnicky and frankly i dont know why.
when installing it will ask you to insert the second disc, at this point two install screens will be running at the same time ! again its not broken just how it does it. you also get no progress bar, well you do but it moves about every 10 minutes. starting the game up is also a pain, on my pc it takes about 3 minutes, windows takes 35 seconds to boot up.
once the game does boot up it is pretty amazing. the graphics are super smooth and i doubt you need a super pimp pc to run it, but having a super pimp computer cant hurt either...
sound is great once i got my computer hooked up to my tv and the cut scenes are great as well.
it does get tedious at points especially when you have to clear a room of guys with guns, it will take a long time and it will start to get difficult to make your move without getting seen or heard.
the map doesnt seem huge but it seems big enough, i would have liked if there were some sort of vehicles to use on the map, maybe there are and i am just not far enough ??
in the end i would say try this game, it is pricey here in canada at 59 bucks but i think it was money well spent, it is a difficult game that will likely take some time to finish.

after a few more days of play i just want to say install and loading up issues aside i frickin love this game !! ! !