was this game direct by christopher nolan ? i don't know, but i feel like I'm playing through a master peace

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City PC
Ok , i m no real batman fan , i ve seen a couple of cartoons , read a couple of batman comics ... but almost nothing ... i always thought , the suit and robin suit really looked ggaay .... but i have to admit that the 2 last movies from batman ( begin and dark night , were incredible and probably in the best movies produced lately.... )

Now about the game ... i m not even done with he game yet ,
but seriously , this game is awesome , it seems like i m in the "dark knight " with " begins " combact skills .... doing a reverse take down while hanging down , immovable under a statue is a
pure kickass feeling ...

I'm usually a pretty front player , i run around a kill stuff believing in my gaming skill , but while i sometime do that in batman , i have to say , i take a lot of joy , just taking my time , taking enemies in the shadow like the real batman ... it's so intense that i ll rather take a little longer and go behind, under , over enemies without being seen and take them one by one . mouahaha

well i might write a real review sometime , but for now , if u didn't decide to play the game yet ,
i can say you are missing some huge F*ing dope game ....
visually on my computer it's stunning , almost as beautiful as BF3 or witcher 2 wich are 2 other amazing game .
gameplay wise it's very well rounded with tones to do .
story wise it's incredibly better than i expected , u really feel like you are in one of the best batman movie .. all the bad guys get mix together , every one unique , everyone well done and surprisingly interesting ...
everything is well thought and polished , and i love polished game ... no superficial unnecessary and just ok side quests to do ., that suck time and leave u with a bitter taste of wanting some time back of your life .. no , here you only got , great side quests , well done and well implemented to the main story ...
overall amazing . my last 2011 fav game