the JOKER Lovers, LOVES this DLC...

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge PS3
Hi my friends,
in the firs of my review, i must read the comparison for all Rocksteady Studios batman series:
Batman: arkham asylum is the good game,
Batman: arkham city is the best batman and joker game of all time,
Batman: arkham city - DLC (Harley Quinns) is a best joker games and joker army for all a time.
i think the best score for this DLC is 15 from 10, because i cant find one negative point in this game. this game is power full batman series in all games, movies and comics. and in the end i feel joker in this part of game. ( R.I.P )
this game see to all of us the batman and joker stronger and lovers and the best character in the all super-hero characters in all games and movies and comics series.
thanks Rocksteady Studio for this part of game...
and thank you for read this easy review.
good luck.
Bardia from Persia...