The more I play it, the more I need it.

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City PC
At first I thought this was a same old thing as Arkham Asylum, but as I became more immersed in the game and it got tougher to beat each Boss, I became addicted. Too many gamers seem to want more flash than substance. While the environment is dark, (it's supposed to be or they would not call Batman the Dark Knight,) this game is filled with influences from many incarnations of The Bat. I see content influenced from graphic novels, comics and even movies, it has it all. There is far more to this game than what the gaming community gives it credit for, from what I've seen in forums here and on YouTube. The more I play it, the more intriguing and complex it gets. I may be crazy but I love American pop culture and especially what a person like Paul Dini has contributed to The Batman since Bob Kane created the character. I extend my applause and a job well done to everyone in the cast, crew, and game developers' group for making a truly engaging and challenging game.