Free-roaming doesn't work in a Batman game. Please Rocksteady go back to Arkham Asylum formula.

User Rating: 8 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Arkham Asylum was a suprise hit coming from one of the lesser know devs and is one of the best games of this gen. So much was expected of the sequel yet it doesnt live up to the highs of AA and and the main problem is the free-roaming. It kills the unique claustrophobic feel of AA and also suffers from many problems familiar with sandbox games. You now have the whole Arkham City to explore but.....

- Repetition of enemies and battles feels the same.
-Long routes to missions make getting there later become tedious.
-Enemies and helicopters snipe you from most buildings and so flying around the city in later missions becomes frustrating as they drain all your life in seconds.
-Riddler puzzles now changed and now boring to solve.
-Too many characters. Some villians show up once.
-Story not as good as AA and has many wholes.

AA was a smaller area and with a bit of freedom but by enlarge more focused on the main story. This time story only 30% of game the rest tedious side missions and DLC. Boss fights have improved though especially Mr Freeze battle which was fun. There are enough good sandbox games out there like Assassins Creed and Arkham City falls short. Should have stuck to older formula and hope RS return it to that for the next game. Underwhelming.