Great when you first start, but the repetition takes its toll.

User Rating: 8 | Batman: Arkham City X360
After playing this game for many hours, I really felt that Batman: Arkham City was an amazing game. But, like every masterpiece, it has its flaws. Besides from the side missions and the story lines, theres nothing that stands out from its predecessor, Batman: Arkham Asylum. The fight system is almost copy and paste and the minion AI isn't much better at fighting this time around either. All in all, its a great game, but if you're here for a completely different Batman atmosphere from Batman: Arkham Asylum, look elsewhere. You'll be satisfied until the story line is over, then the repetition takes a hold of the reins and pulls you where it wants. You end up running all over Arkham City, just to look for Riddler's informants, finding destroyable objects, and endless amounts of street fights with thugs.
As far as the Riddler Challenges go, it is also copy and paste. Find the giant question mark in detective mode, solve riddles, and track down the trophies.