I'm Batman

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City X360

Graphics and Environment: This game is very beautiful in all aspects to me. It makes you want to keep going further into the city and when you reach the end of the area, I was very sad not to be able to continue.
Sometimes rendering was a little slow at times, but that was the only con, I had for this game.
Storyline: The voice acting cast is great and they help bring the game to life. The story is rich and you can feel Gotham's culture come to life. If the story was not as good as it was this would be a whole different game.

Gameplay: Overall this game had good play, but sometimes the camera angles can be frustrating at times.

Game Mechanics: Game mechanics is good; however at times when you are moving through the city it may send you somewhere when you grapple to a location you did not plan on, also like said with the camera angles they can frustrated one at times.

MP: Did not play it.

DLC: They look, but I did not play any myself.