This game was one of the best super hero game now.Batman is liked by everyone because he had used fear as his weapon.

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Batman : Ark-ham city is one of the best super hero game until now. It is having free environment where you can do anything . Most of the villains of Batman comics are introduced in Ark ham City.Other hero or heroines are also introduced like robin,knight wing,cat woman,etc.. And the best villain of the year is also there -one and only one Joker(Jack Napier).The most awesome scene of Ark-ham city was Batman holding dead joker in hand and above them the board reads:"Immortal Joker". Yeah joker will remain immortal in our minds due to his awesome dark comedy.Well the moves of batman while fighting enemies were also cool.This all reasons make the game nominee of gamespot game of the year 2011.thus makes the game not a game but a true role playing game that has influenced many life like one is mine . thanks in advance for comments.